Bad Voltage Listening Party Test: Thursday 17th Apr @ 6pm UTC

Hi Everyone,

Recently I have been floating the idea of us having a listening party with each show.

It would work like this: show up to at a set time after each show is released and the show will be streamed to anyone who visits the page. On the page is an embedded IRC chat channel and Twitter feed so you can listen to the show with other BV folks and discuss the show as you listen to it. Sounds like it could be fun.

Anyway, I have set everything up and want to have a test run for the current show.

It should work well in Firefox, Chromium, and Opera across multiple Operating Systems. Unfortunately IE and Safari are unsupported right now, sorry.

How To Join

  1. On Thursday 17th April at 6pm UTC (see what time this is for you at head over to
  2. Use the embedded chat channel to log in (or use your IRC client to go to #badvoltage on freenode).
  3. Listen to the show, discuss it with others, and have fun. :slight_smile:


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Stream is up with some groovy drums before the show starts at 6pm UTC (30mins from when I posted this).

Join live at - this could be a fun new way to enjoy Bad Voltage together as a community.

Just wanted to report back on how it went. Overall, I think everything went well: we had about 20 people join the listening party, which was a good number to test the number of concurrent icecast streams. There were no reports of audio dropouts while the party happened.

As such, I think we are going to try a real run in the next show. More details when we release S1E14 on Thursday next week!

Thanks, everyone, for joining us at the listening party trial run today!

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