Bad Voltage Advertising Bounty Available

Hi Everyone,

Alright. On the most recent show I mentioned how I was unsuccessful in advertising Bad Voltage on adult websites.

As I said, I am willing to pay the $50 (via PayPal) to the person who does the best job helping to spread the word about Bad Voltage. You have the rest of June to do this. Share the work you do to promote the show here on the forum and based on what I see, I will decide who gets the $50. My decision is final, so no complaining. :smile:

The winner will also get kudos and respect on the show. :smile

Here are the images I was going to push the show out with, but I recommend you might use something else.

Here’s my submission :

640 views so far … not so sure about the downvotes thou :unamused:

No one ruled out good old fashioned real world advertising so I was thinking about #itattooedmybabyfor50bucks .

As baby matures the advert grows too… its pure win.

Wow, that is awesome and disturbing at the same time. Kinda like the show. :wink:

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