Autistim - Wear Blue

Having mused over the autopsy report for Ian Murdock I find that I increasingly believe that people with an Autistic slant need to be better understood and entertained.

It’s truly awful that Ian had two children and got divorced in 2008, but I believe his contribution to linux was at the height of the community’s achievements and we should celebrate his work.

There is a network of Aspies an autistic persons called ‘WrongPlanet’ that I’ve had dealings with over the years.
Couldn’t find a more lovely bunch of young people on the net, well, maybe the KDE crowd, but other than that I found my time spent with them to be enjoyable and compassionately partaking of wellbeing in mental health and it’s aspirations.
This culminates in users ‘on the spectrum’ getting together for H.O.P.E. every two years in New York, which is a spin off to the 2600 crowd. ALWAYS safe.

Autism Month came and went, in April, but I was just wondering if anyone saw people in blue celebrating this event ?

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