A Google Stadia Users Perspective

As a Linux user and someone who enjoys video games there are many titles I’d like to play that aren’t available without either dual booting windows, or owning a console. For the last few years I’ve owned a PS4 so that I can play a few games that aren’t available to play on Linux. When Stadia was announced I saw it as a better alternative to buying the next generation console. I ordered the founders edition and am well pleased with it so far. I bought Red Dead Redemption 2 for Stadia so that I could compare it to the version on the PS4 and for me it looks better and runs better at 1080p. The fact that I didn’t have to wait for a 90 GB download was awesome.

Thee claim that you have to pay the sub then buy the games isn’t correct. That’s not the case. You can buy the game, not pay the sub and play all you want. Sony and Microsoft both require payed subs to play online and as long as you’re willing to play in 1080p those aren’t necessary with Stadia. Just like a lot of the world doesn’t have gigabit internet a lot of it is hasn’t moved to 4K yet. Also as a pro subscriber you get two free games every month, and you don’t lose them the next month as long as your subscribed.

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I agree the £8.99 is good value, especially if you like either free game or you buy a game at a discount most months. I am kind of hoping they discount that further if you have YouTube Premium (which I do).

The other thing is I was never going to buy Tomb Raider or Farm Simulator but I may just give one or both a go now I own them (more likely Tomb Raider TBH).

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