3x22: Phantom Power

Stuart Langridge, Jono Bacon, and Jeremy Garcia present Bad Voltage, in which we take what Jono calls an avant-garde and everyone else calls a ridiculous improvised approach to the set list.

  • [00:01:10] Flash, aaargh. It saved every one of us. [Flash is now dead](https://www.adobe.com/uk/products/flashplayer/end-of-life.html). We take a look back over the history of the web and all the places Flash fitted in, and look at the ups and downs of it all. Glad it's gone? Yes. Is it replaced? Maaaaybe. We'll look at Steve Jobs's Thoughts on Flash memo from 2010, replacements such as Ruffle, and digital preservation projects such as Flashpoint, and ask the questions: are we sorry it's gone? And what's next?
  • [00:47:05] And at the end, the news! Scientists have apparently taught spinach to send emails! People in the Bay Area! Get a blue verified badge for your house! The September that never ended had its 10,000th day on January 16th 2021! And now, Bad Voltage!

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News music: Long Live Blind Joe by Robbero, used with attribution.

Thank you to Marius Quabeck and NerdZoom Media for being our audio producers!

NOT Electron!!!

Every time you install & run something based on Electron you’ve got another copy of Chrome and Node.js and other bits as well as the files of the app. No wonder people complain Electron gobbles up resources.

It filled the temporary gap left by lacking local access for PWA’s but that’s pretty much resolved now.

PWA’s FTW!!! No more Electron!!!

I’ve already got a browser on my machine, I don’t need to install another one per app. And with PWA’s I get to choose my browser, but with Electron I’m forced to use bits of Chrome and Node.js.

The most annoying is when someone suggests you install the Linux version on your Chromebook but it turns out to be an Electron app - on a Chromebook!!!

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