3x04: They Call It Dot Egg

Stuart Langridge, Jono Bacon, and Jeremy Garcia present Bad Voltage, in which we like egg. Also:

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News music: Long Live Blind Joe by Robbero, used with attribution.

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Good episode, as always.

Posture was not part of my education either, but I’ve been trying to keep mine in check.

Stuart mentioned his Ikea Markus chair in the episode. I am using the “successor” (Markus is still sold) named the Järvfjället, which has a really nice general posture line. If you keep your neck against the neck rest you’re probably 50% of the way there already.

I’m not a heavy Twitter user and have mostly only been using it for anything like a “conversation” in the last few months, so mine looks almost reasonable (though I do have three “Books”) if it’s an AI categorizing keywords from everything the user has (ahem) “engaged with.”

So, I’d bet on “Egg” (which I don’t have) probably coming from something like clicking “Like” on a tweet where someone mentions that you can identify Troll Farm produce by the default egg avatar and a user ID in certain formats.

Desk-wise, i’m short enough that I can generally get away without an actual standing desk, but back before I used to stand regularly, I swore by those kneeling chairs. They seem to cost about a hundred bucks now (on Amazon), but I seem to recall the model got back around 2000 costing little enough that I had no qualms about leaving one at my office desk.

And if anybody is hooked on those screen-reddening applications (f.lux, Redshift, and so forth) and have realized that your television, light bulbs, street lights, and other light sources don’t actually have that capability, and if you don’t mind looking like an extra from some science-fiction student film, red or yellow laser safety goggles are cheap and work well enough.

Your area doesn’t have Philips hue bulbs in the street lights? Where do you live, Coventry? :joy:

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