2x49: Social Missiles


Stuart Langridge, Jono Bacon, and Jeremy Garcia present Bad Voltage, in which we declare a moratorium on social media, there is Tinder but for livestock, and:

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@sil I like the idea of:


I think this should exist as an ‘Easter egg’ though obviously it shouldn’t take credit card details perhaps just a static page saying

“Really you trust us idiots with your credit card details … you prat” or similar.

I seem to remember


being given out as link in an earlier show. This page doesn’t exist either but we could have a few of these hinted at in shows and actually existing. But never linked so only the more observant amongst us are in on the joke.


(I’m only 10 minute in) Jono has a Pixel right? It literally walks you through the new Pie gesture system on first run. I found it very easy to get used to and prefer it to the 3 button system. I’m not worried about UX changes they may make in Q because they are extensively user tested first (as were the pill changes).


I appreciate that @jonobacon and @sil did not point out that youtube videos on things like flat earth theory should not be available. I wish that more emphasis would have been placed on the value of such videos to teach ones how to think critically. And how to do so without bias.

The idea @sil mentioned of having ‘sides’ to an issue be in proportion to the amount of opinions of each side has merit. However, the climate change issue is an example of how bias is manifest by the shouting down of those who are skeptical, to the point that major news organizations, like the BBC, will not air them (which is very dishonest). So the seeming proportion of supporters/skeptics is artificial in this instance. This is an example of a potential problem of determining what actual proportions should be.


I’m sorry Greg but I have to disagree here. The science on climate change is clear. The climate is changing for the worse and it is caused by human activity. This is not a matter of doubt. There is no reputable scientists that would argue here.

It’s much the same as the tobacco wars of the 50s, 60s, 70s and early 80s when cigarette companies new full-well that cigarettes, and all other forms of tobacco, were causing early deaths but spending billions to muddy the science and seed doubt just so they could keep money rolling in.

Or when big oil were trying to throw doubt on the harmful effects of lead because they were adding it to petrol / gasoline. It made engines run better but caused problems particularly in children because it predominantly affected brain growth.

If anyone here wants to discuss this further I am more than happy to go through the science and the financial incentives fossil fuel companies and big users of said fuels are paying for a very small number of individuals to throw doubt on the matter.

That said this is not the place to discuss it, I will happily start a new thread on this site though


I have no intention of bring in climate change as an issue to discuss here. I’ve already have expressed my views of the joke that is being used as “science” on the subject. It’s in another thread somewhere. My point was that this is an example of a bias that could be used, on a false basis, saying that videos on youtube should be at a certain percentage, pro/con, on a subject.


I think we will have to agree to disagree here But if anyone else wants to open up this discussion my offer stands

Edit: I have already done so


The new “sets hard on ice cream” sauce is “Askeys Crackin’”
Available in many supermarkets.


Sorry for almost all of my posts being about Sailfish OS but all the gestures you mentioned in the show are the basic UX principles in Sailfish since 2014: https://sailfishos.org/design/navigation

As a daily user I must say that these kind of gestures do feel very natural and I’m always annoyed when I have to push the back button in an Android app because it totally breaks the fluency of the UX.

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