2x48: Antisocial Media


A small step to right the ship - get rid of the anonymity. I’m not saying that everyone is anonymous. Yes, many accounts are known. I’m not saying that the info has to be public, but the private companies would verify user identify.

Yes, there are a whole lot of issues associated with this idea with which I’m not going to overwhelm this post. Don’t care. Anonymous flame throwing from the safety of their parents basement is enough of a problem deserving of a step in a better direction. If people know that A law enforcement organization can show up at Facebook’s door with a subpoena to get the info for who posted some threat to do bodily harm would help. Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good.


I am concerned here why do people want anonymity: two reasons come to mind here.

  • To cover up hate speech, human rights abuses or criminal activity. I would in no way support this use case and anybody guilty of such should be bought to justice.

  • To convey information on human rights abuses, criminal or immoral acts of individuals, companies or states to shine a light on these abuses so that those concerned can be prosecuted or condemned.

You may not be surprised I see the second option as a legitimate use of anonymity. There are several countries in the world where for example just following a Twitter or Facebook account that actively supports LGBTQ issues is cause to have you monitored and possibly targeted for arrest .or other punishment.

I have no personal axe to grind here as I am totally heterosexual but providing it is between consenting adults I support anybodies right to express their sexuality in a way that suits them. I have been to several Pride events to show my solidarity.

Now living in the UK the only downside from this for me is I may get approached sexually by a guy, and this has happened, but I have never had any issues when I have made it clear, for me, that their interest was not reciprocated. Similarly it may mean a particular attractive girl does not approach me, but I am happy with the girl I am with so it is not really relevant.

In some parts of the world however feelings run stronger and supporting such issues may lead to being prosecuted or beaten up.

LGBTQ is of course not the only issue I’ve known people who have been murdered for forming a union on Columbia and protesting against the Thai government.


I don’t see a lack of anonymity stopping all those public Geert Wilders supporters, or he himself for that matter.

However, taking a step back from reinventing society: interesting to mention the comment boxes. I wonder if there is a uBlock Origin list somewhere with lots of comment boxes removed. Might be a fun challenge.

I started with my own. It’s small so far:
You put them in the “My filters” tab in uBlock Origin.

Edit: preformatted text doesn’t seem to work well.

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