2x28: Renamed to Spectre

Jeremy Garcia, Jono Bacon, and Stuart Langridge present Bad Voltage, in which space is raided, beans are endless, and:

  • [00:01:55] News: An Uber self-driving car killed a pedestrian... Google announce the "Google News Initiative", which seems to be some sort of subscription service, an attempt to fact-check fake news, and a way to help journalists connect privately and securely to the internet... Cambridge Analytica and Facebook are under a great deal of fire about data harvesting and influence over election proceedings and public perceptions in the UK and the US... WebOS is open source (again)... NVIDIA and Microsoft collaborate on RTX, some real-time raytracing in DirectX to produce "cinematic quality" real-time games... and RIP Stephen Hawking, legendary physicist and actor in Star Trek: The Next Generation...
  • [00:37:26] Mycroft are working towards their Mark II release: fully funded on Kickstarter in six hours and got up to nearly $400,000, but can this be good? Some thoughts on the Mark 1, and prospects for the Mark 2, and what Mycroft will need to succeed. Just don't ask it "Mycroft, what are beans?"

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A Mycroft update: since recording, I’ve been going back and forth with the Mycroft team about why mine wasn’t working, and things may be resolving! Which helps. Hooray, perhaps!

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“Hey Mycroft, who is Jono Bacon?”


I swear I did not set this up.

Is Mycroft calling you a fool for asking a question you obviously know the answer to?

Or is it saying Jono is a fool?

Is this the horseman episode? I could just hear a horse thumping by somewhere.

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I just cannot help to wonder what the news narrative would be, if this issue would have been brought up at all, if it was used by different political movements.

Perhaps it was my horse who sadly passed away last weekend going to see what my favourite podcast was about before passing on to fresh pastures in the sky?

I’m understandably upset at the moment but I am not looking for sympathy. He had a good life, but was an old boy 24, and I have known him since birth and I trained Sunny myself.

Not being religious I don’t really believe this, but it is still a comforting idea.

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I cannot comment on the loss of a horse. I am under the impression that the bond between a person and his equine companion is a special one. Or, at least, can be. I have lost other companions and every time I wonder why I do this to myself. It doesn’t seem to matter knowing that I acted to for what was best for it either. It still hurts. But the memories are nice.

Is it me, or was there a LOT of typing noise in this episode?

There was. At the start I thought it was someone using a keyboard beside me

Feedback about your news segments:

I like them a lot.
It’s almost always some stuff I’m interested in, but either didn’t hear about at all, or what i heard is barely scratching the surface. As far as I’m concerned you can also have 100% news shows now an then.

I do enjoy the news segments, but I’ll just point out that plenty of other people do news as well. It would be a shame to neglect the segments that are unique to BV.

Which ones do you mean?
If it’s about the the product reviews, which afair used to be one in each show:
Personally I don’t really miss those…

I’m thinking of those sort of segments that are usually preceded by an argument about what the name of the segment should be. Maybe it is a rose tinted view of past glory that will never be repeated, I don’t know.

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I liked Bloom County regarding Stephen Hawking.

Probably should have responded to this sooner but yes! He always came over for a hug as soon as I got in his field or when the weather was less good and he was staying in the stable he would call to me as soon as I stepped onto the yard. Losing any companion is always difficult but it is the love we have given, and the love we have received, that makes life worth living.

My daughter probably rode him more than I did, she certainly rode him better. He will be missed: much in the same way as I will never forget the dog we had when I was born: he saved my life when I was very young because the front room of our house was a bookmakers shop and one of our customers used our outside toilet forgetting to lock the gate to our garden as he did so. I went through the gate headed towards a very busy road.

The dog run past me stood between me and the road barking very loudly to stop me passing. My mother heard the dog and came out to bring me back into the house. Needless to say the customer was given a severe telling off and nobody ever forgot to lock the gate again.

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