1x68: Nor is this

We rock the Unplugged format again. For reasons of complex logistics and global travel, we've not been able to get together for Bad Voltage, so we asked you, our listeners, for feedback on what questions you'd like us to answer, and then we've picked some and answered them! Thank you to everyone who suggested what they'd like to hear, and we hope you like hearing some of the things that come into the BV mailbag!

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Great “show” guys, it was an interesting format. It would definitely do if you’re pressed for time again.

The spaces vs tabs debate just got real :smile:

Have you guys thought of doing a separate “Unplugged” podcast feed? Even if it is only Jeremy and sil doing 30-45 minutes I think you could make it into a good format.

Not convinced. This is OK in a pinch but the genius of BV is the interaction between the presenters, which this particular show does not have. Let’s keep focussed on the real deal :slight_smile:

Also, did I hear Jono just explain why he got let go by Github, without mentioning their name? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:Some companies just don’t understand what community managers do…” Or perhaps he meant X-Prize…


To be clear, we’re in a pinch. We’re not planning that every show should be “unplugged” like this, we’ve just had a difficult month :slight_smile:

I wasn’t let go by GitHub - some adjustments in the company essentially meant my role basically went away. GitHub were eager for me to stay and we explored some other roles in marketing, professional services, elsewhere, but they didn’t really excite me or fit in with my wider career ambitions around growing community leadership across industries. So, I decided to leave. :slight_smile:


Oh god no, I was simply suggesting the idea of smaller spin-off for things like Q&A, unplugged thoughts, etc… Nothing to interfere with regular scheduled programming.

I enjoyed the format of the show and the presenters may want to consider using it again, not as the main show as the interplay between the presenters is what the show a strong contender for the best podcast on the internet if not the clear winner.

But I can imagine times when one or more of the presenters may have something to say and we could have bonus episodes, perhaps run as a separate series “Bad Voltage: Unregulated” perhaps, published infrequently, only as felt necessary and perhaps not containing all the presenters.

Both @sil and @jeremy touched on the new series of Top Gear, UK version. The first episode was not as bad as I was expecting but I agree trying to make the show as it was with Clarkson, May and Hammond is a big mistake and almost certainly destined for failure. If its going to work Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc need to find their own style. I think the BBC should have just let Top Gear die replacing it with a new show with a new name. Both Chris and Matt have enough experience in broadcasting that they may well be an ideal pair to present a motoring based entertainment show but they need to make it their own.

One final point where does the name “Bad Voltage” come from? Can anybody remember why this name was chosen and what, if any, other names were considered?

I can clear this up. :slight_smile:

@sil and I talked about doing a show after years of missing doing LugRadio. We wanted a cool name that wasn’t too Linux specific and more about general technology. We wanted it to be edgy but not crass. I came up with ‘Bad Voltage’ which @sil was initially lukewarm on so we said we would still consider other names.

This is when we reached out to @jeremy and @bryanlunduke about being co-hosts and we said we had a name but it didn’t have to stick. As the name did stick though we all liked it and the rest is history. :slight_smile:

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hey I like this format.
Maybe you should incorporate it in the regular shows.
Everyone having their 5 minutes (product presentations don’t count),
without Sénior Garcia interrupting all the time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Keep it up guys, with every show I like it more and more.
Peace out!


Jeremy: thanks for the insightful answers.

Jono: why must you make fun of everyone’s name? Is this just a lifetime of living as Bacon oozing out now?!?

Bryan: those jokes were truly awful. Thank. “Blue paint” has become the kids’ new go-to punchline.

SIL: sorry, no feedback for you. The download I got cut off your answers about 30 seconds in.

Also, the audio mixing was just crap. I shouldn’t have to turn the volume knob everytime someone else talks. :confused:

  1. Oracle Vs. Goigle No No No thanks.

“There’s a_lot of stuff to figure out and do it well” @jonobacon

+| I guess this is to-do with free-software.
Recently I advocated PortableApps.com for LibreOffice to-use on Windows. Good thing is, the guy said he’d give me a character-reference if I ever got into trouble.

3, I’m sweating right now @bryanlunduke

I often use one of my friends’ story about what it was like to be a millionaire - she says “Check your sock destination!” i.e. If you have to bike to work and you arrive to a fresh pair of socks at the office, then you’re rich.
If your sweaty then just check your sock situation/destination.

4, Own Cloud.

Tell me bryan, why wasn’t the initial hangout done in an open-hangout-manner where everyone could join and ask questions ?
From the get-go that isn’t Open and I watched it with annoyance that you weren’t watching the comments in the out-facing youtube channel. i.e. you couldn’t get questions to the NextCloud team to ask and answer - so it was ‘closed’.
Perhaps you could of post a link on Open Hangouts @ Google Plus ?

5, What’s begin with b and smells like red paint ? Blue paint.

Sounds like your listening to this guy. [Original edit here]

Conclusion: Not a terrible show.
Jono’s mic was quite disappointing, but then again, I would’ve prob/ly done the same.

Huh. The hangout I did with the Nextcloud guys had a Q&A thing going. People were asking questions live and I was reading them to the guests. Is that not what you were wanting?

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That’s what you get when I have to use Audacity to mix the show. :wink:

Jono, for a tech podcast, why were you relying on the built-in mic on your laptop? Have you considered purchase of a travel mic so you can do Bad Voltage podcasts and or interviews on the road? Perhaps with doubling up with a Bad Voltage product review?

To be honest, the whole show came together at the last minute. It should have sounded better - I have a mic I can use, but I had no idea if I could do the show as I was in China and wasn’t sure of the connectivity. Anyway, normal service will be resumed this week. Sorry for the shitty audio on the last show.

FWIW, we all coincidentally have the same travel mic (although to be fair it’s more of a mic that can be travelled with as opposed to a proper travel mic) and reviewed it on a previous show: http://www.badvoltage.org/2015/11/13/1x54/

I think some of the team actually use it for all recordings, although I currently do not.


I doubt that. Nothing you guys do is “normal”. But they’re super fun! Keep it up.

… and another insult.

Incidentally, as an occasional Audacity user, it’s perfectly capable of normalizing audio samples; so instead of insinuating that the OSS software isn’t up to snuff, how about admitting it’s a PEBKAC issue?

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