1x59: Bad Voltage Live at SCaLE 14x

Jono Bacon, Jeremy Garcia, Bryan Lunduke, and Stuart Langridge travel to SCaLE 14x in Pasadena, California to perform Bad Voltage Live on stage in front of a packed ballroom. Hear Bryan and Stuart argue about the notion of free software for everything (and the loser get forcibly waxed), the contestants in Wrong in 60 Seconds compete for a Pogo Linux workstation, a golden ticket holder win a ZaReason laptop, and Bad Voltage Family Feud in which we survey a hundred people and then nobody guesses their answers. Watch the show at badvoltage.org/scale2016!

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In response to the “Bring Out the New Blood” segment, I think of myself as new blood, but I’ve been using Linux since I was 18, and I’m 25 now. This video helped me realize that I’m now closer to the decade mark…

Linux first entered my radar when I was 16 or 17. I heard about Ubuntu online somewhere and burned a CD, but since I was using the family computer, I wasn’t going to risk an install. I didn’t fully take the plunge until I was away at college and my laptop running Windows Vista died. I replaced the OS with Ubuntu, became a distro hopper, and have largely settled on Fedora.

Now I get paid to write about Linux. I’m not sure how to attract more people to the platform, but like you guys, I’m interested in hearing what others think.

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I’d consider myself ‘new blood.’ I’m 10 days off 17 and been using Linux for 2ish years. I found about it through YouTube videos, particularly OSTF, but finally made the move after watching a review of Fedora 20. (how has that reached EOL!? it was the shiny new that got me over.) I basically made the 2 second “that looks so cool and I want it” decision.

I jumped off the deep end, completely deleting the windows partition because Microsoft aren’t very nice on dual booter - shot themselves in the foot there. That week I spent frantically trying to find alternatives to the windows software I needed for school and configuring Wine.

I started off distro-hopping, across about 5, before settling down with Manjaro on my desktop, Fedora on my tablet.

Now getting others to use the platform, family is easy. My parents don’t technically have a computer, they have a borrow without return status on my old laptop, so I control the OS they use anyway. My Grandma also uses it - after I configured an old laptop to run Manjaro with a big “click here to play Spider Solitaire button”

Now others, I think pre-installed is needed, hardly anyone changes their operating system from what comes with the computer. There isn’t a single New Zealand retailer that sell pre-installed Linux boxes. Please, someone, set up a store that does this, because shipping from System 72 or Think Penguin is like a half the cost of the computer + currency exchange. I don’t know what it’s like in other countries but New Zealand has almost no selection when it comes to technology.

On an unrelated note, ducking fried chicken linux turns up some pretty interesting results. “Feast your eyes on KFC Japan’s fried chicken keyboard, mouse, and USB …” “Fried Chicken Gizzards! - Ubuntu Forums” (why do they have a food section?!) and “Why we like fried chicken and vinyl / Boing Boing” just to name a few.


I have a very hard time understanding most of what is said on the show. I even converted the show to mp3 so I can listen through earbuds,but that really didn’t help much. I wish the sound quality was as good as your last live event. I realize that it is Scales equipment and setup. Oh well.


Huh… and I thought I was being original with my baked-goods based answer for what’d happen in the Hallway Track.

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I only just got a chance to watch this. Let me get this straight: you had a ranting contest, and you invited Matthew Garrett to compete? I’m not sure why you bothered inviting other contestants - mjg59’s inner anger burns with the eternal flame of a thousand suns, and he can direct it at almost any subject. As you discovered.

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