1x56: Moon Pigeons

Jono Bacon, Bryan Lunduke, Jeremy Garcia, and Stuart Langridge bring you Bad Voltage, in which there is an accidental oversupply of buzzwords, there is no podfading, and:

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@sil you and Jono sound like you’re both in the echoiest rooms in the entire entire world.

My fault for me, there; I didn’t check my audio recording adequately, and @jonobacon has already given me a well deserved booting about it…

Hahaha. Jono sounds just as bad to my ear :).

Some questions come to mind.

Since the moon goes through day and night cycles, how far into the side facing away from earth will need to have panels installed?

The same issue of earth side solar panels come to mind. How will power be stored or generated when the moon is not overhead?

What seems to be more feasible, but, admittedly, not near as cool, is very small community based thorium reactors. http://phys.org/news/2008-11-mini-nuclear-power-homes.html

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More information is available here: http://sservi.nasa.gov/articles/the-luna-ring-concept/


It seems Jolla got some financial funding and will continue developing SailfishOS:

more news coming tomorrow…

UPDATE: New Jolla Blog post


I think smart phones are in a sorry state of affairs. I am an iPhone user, not because I like Apple. But they have the best hardware and as of now, are at least pretending to be concerned with my privacy.

Android just can’t compete. The os is good, and they have most of the apps. But the lack of updates and inconsistencies between devices is quite annoying.

I am holding out for Ubuntu to be my next phone if they can get a device released in the US. I can put up with the lack of apps, replacing them with the total geek factor. And as of now, I think Canonical respects my privacy.

My 2cents.

I don’t know if this show was worse for it than ususal or if my patience was less than ususal, but I had to stop listening during the first segment as I don’t think I heard one person finish making a point before being interrupted/talked over by someone. As much as I’d like to point the hairy finger of blame, I think you all did it at some point. Not great listening I’m afraid, guys.

Beaming power down from moon in form of microwaves is a really bad idea in my opinion (trust me I’m an (electrical) engineer).

Believing this quote, power density of these microwaves must be higher than the solar energy. This is more than 150 watt per square meter! Either we will all die or get superpowers.

[EDIT] One other thing: I think nobody considered the nazis from the dark side of the moon. They will try to sabotage this thing for sure.

You should read up on Jolla a bit more… They do actually have a vibrant community at http://together.jolla.com. You can also use the eco system of Android. So both this point is covered by Jolla.

For them I think it mainly is a question of trust. As a new
company they are not widely know and to become that they need to exist
and marketing a lot longer. They also need to push out more devices.
Which Jolla do have in the pipeline (Intex, Yota phone, Russia).

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Thanks for the feedback. I thought we were interrupting each other more than usual while we were recording, so I’m not exactly surprised to hear this. We were all very into the topics this episode, which I think contributed to the issue, but it’s something we’ll work on moving forward.


@sil dial up wise, when I worked in BT Ops the management were very keen to drop dial… Until they realised how much it pulled in.

This leads me to believe you haven’t used a recent high end Android device. The HTC One M9 and Nexus 6P have the iPhone beat from a hardware perspective IMHO, Marshmallow is the best version of Android to date which addresses most of the major issues in previous versions and both devices receive very regular updates (monthly at a minimum in the case of the 6P).


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Really? Ha!

Hey @jeremy , privacy is another concern I have with Android also… I’m not sure how much I actually trust google or the OEMs. I know with apple that their is just one set of hands in the cookie jar. Apple also doesn’t have a search business to motivate them.

Sad but true segment about Firefox OS and Ubuntu mobile. You can’t just muscle into such a competitive market like that, without a product that’s a good bit superior. Neither are remotely near being superior to iOS or Android. Firefox have a bit of an excuse with the target market thing but yea.

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The sad truth that many face on earth today would still be faced if power were beamed from the moon. There are many people in developing nations that can see a power line not too far from their home, but cannot afford to bring the electricity in. The same would be true, in that, regardless of the source of electricity, there needs to be an infrastructure to deliver it locally, and that, while technologically feasible to accomplish, is, economically, out of reach for many. I wouldn’t be surprised that the same amount of people earth wide would have electricity as now, just from a different source.

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Nice show as usual!

Regarding the phone market, I think Canonical may have an interesting option with the “convergence” thing. Having a smartphone you could connect to a big screen and a mouse/keyboard and that turns into a full-featured computer might be a very interesting option I think.

A little word also about omething @sil was saying towards the end of the show when he was worried about the British government decisions, and @bryanlunduke was telling him to go live somewhere else.

As @jonobacon probably knows, it’s not easy at all to go live somewhere else even if you want to very badly. As Europeans, we are lucky enough to have the option to go live in any of the 27 European countries, but if you want to go live somewhere else (Asia, South America, etc.), it becomes quite complicated (if not impossible), administratively speaking. Many countries limit drastically the amount of time you can spend within their borders, and it’s usually pretty hard for companies to hire foreigners. Doing freelancing job is almost out of the question, except if you accept to leave the country you’re living in every 3 months or so.

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