1x17: Intermission

Owing to various singularities inflicted upon us by the universe -- Jono is joining XPRIZE, Stuart's on a tropical holiday, Bryan's incompetent -- we've put together a show giving you some behind-the-scenes technical details on how we make Bad Voltage, some of the early history, some reminiscences from the team, and a few of the greater hits. So if you're curious about how Jono keeps the high quality of the audio up and running, Enjoy, and you'll hear from us again as normal in two weeks!

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I can’t belive that Bryan showing of his knowledge of My little pony wasn’t part of the Best of the Bad… Voltage!


My own favorite bits from the show:

  1. Dirty Haikus!
  2. The Community
  3. The Greg KH interview
  4. The general civility of the community on controversial topics like the mentioned gun control debate.

Thanks for the great listening thus far!

PS: I think Bryan should be forced to change his avatar this time and every time he misses a show! :smiley:

YES. More of this. I will endeavor to inject more dirty poetry into the show.

Hey, I’m game! I’ll even change my avatar on every social network. Because, unlike some co-hosts I could mention, I’ve got some cojones.

Side note. Here is some math to consider:

Jono can’t do a show = We reschedule.

Stu-Stu can’t do a show in a new timeslot because Jono can’t do a show = We do a clip show.

Bryan can’t do a show = Give Bryan a hard time and do the show anyway.

There are two things worth taking away from that set of three, irrefutable, equations.

  1. Jeremy is like a rock. That man is damned reliable and deserves a fist bump.

  2. Bryan is cool with it because of the aforementioned cojones. They are big. And brass. And awesome.


we Some kind of voting system… Someone come up with that, and I vote, Ubuntu Logo, Bryans favorite MLP, and my last vote goes to if someone has the time and can be bothered to fuse all the co-hosters faces together to create the ultimate awful picture (must include easting sausage!)

That is the most horrible sounding thing in the world.

I’m in.

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I was surprised to see this episode popping up a week only after the previous one!

Thanks for explaining how you work to create the show. I was actually surprised to see all the work needed in post-processing (effects, compressing, mastering, etc.). Definitely something I know nothing about (despite listening to a lot of music, shame on me!).

My 3 favorite things in the show so far:

  • the quizz with Matthew Garrett, that was awesome
  • the “tell us your Linux story” bit
  • the fact that Aq is basically always against everyone else. Love that!

Keep up the good work, gentlemen!

Now, much as I stand philosophically opposed on principle to everything that the Greater Lunduke Layabout says, he does have one-ninth of a point here. So, no hard time from me (and no required punishment). All the punishment for this realignment devolves onto @jonobacon. :smile:

that would be “everyone else is unaccountably against me” if you were correctly oriented :wink:

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Indeed! I beg your pardon, my good man!


Thanks for the overview of your recording set-up :slight_smile: I assume a lot of the manual steps are dear to a music producer ;-)   However, there is a neat little tool to automate some of them: [Auphonic][1]. They started a [private beta for multi-track productions recently][2]. Here are some invite codes. FCFS, but please leave this one for the Bad Voltage team. How else to coordinate this on a public forum? :wink:


I would find it interesting to learn whether you hear a difference. How about “forking” one of the next episode productions after aligning the tracks & segments and letting Auphonic do the compression, levelling etc. in parallel to the traditional way?

Either way, thanks for your show and many greetings!

[1]: https://auphonic.com/
  [2]: https://auphonic.com/blog/2014/05/13/multitrack-private-beta/

This sounds interesting – @jonobacon is our audio producer, and I’ll ask him to have a look at this after he gets back from holiday :smile:

Just so I’m on the record with this:

If at least two of the BV crew say I must be punished I shall accept my punishment like a man. A man with cojones. Which, those of you following along already know, are big. And brass.

Astute observation my good man. Fist bump returned.


I second the motion and would assert that Bryan has not one-ninth, but a full point, given the rescheduling shenanigans of the last few episodes.


God, get a room, you two

So is the transparent jealousy going to be a regular occurrence now? :wink:

now worried that maybe it actually is :smile:

Be careful what you wish for!

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Nailed it. That is the most horrible thing I have ever seen.

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