1x13: Weak Web Bronies

Jeremy Garcia, Bryan Lunduke, Jono Bacon, and Stuart Langridge present Bad Voltage, in which the following things happen:

  • Special guest presenter Matthew Garrett hosts a game show, "The Weakest Geek", in which the presenters attempt to demonstrate their knowledge of technology and the loser has to pay a dreadful forfeit
  • Brendan Eich has left Mozilla as a result of the recent issues surrounding his donation to an anti-gay-marriage campaign. Is this evidence of bullying from the wider community? Did Mozilla do the right thing? What do we think?
  • Jono reviews Battlefield 4 on the PS4
  • Breaking Down the Bullshit: we look at wearable technology, smart watches, and ask whether they're any good
  • Community recap: your emails and forum posts and happenings in the Bad Voltage community

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you realise that people who join in the future will be upset about the fact that they never got to see jono with Twilight Sparkle as his avatar!
To prevent this great tragedy I took the opportunity to print some screens for the future members of the community!
Here’s some Brony Bacon!

Now everyone in the future can see the ‘promotion’ that Jono did for the family friendly show, My little pony, friendship is magic!

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Ok Jono. You mentioned me in the show. I must say I’m deeply hurt. Why you ask? Because, BECAUSE you didn’t say the bit about the kale before you talked about my posts.

I must go now. Think I’ll have a good cry. And I thought I was going to get through the week without contacting my therapist.

Question: I’m thinking of taking Sid up on the suggestion to post my views on the topic of homosexual marriage. Not sure yet, but thinking about it. Best to do that here or continue on the post Dan started?

Sorry, @oldgeek, no offence was meant. I was just caught up in the heat of the moment. Rest assured, gee, I could go for some kale. :slight_smile:

Thank you Jono. I feel much better now.

How long do you keep the avatar?

Until the next show in two weeks. :-/

What is the saying? ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’?

Regarding the “Eich’s story”, I’ve read a lot of things since it all started up, but I still have one unanswered question: how did all this started up? Who brought the information about him donating money against same sex marriage? Was it simply a public information available somewhere? Was it well known even before he was appointed CEO of Mozilla?

Anyway, he gave money against same sex marriage, but he’s done another horrible thing: he invented JavaScript.

Don’t you also have to start all your forum posts with the nominated prefix too? @bryanlunduke.

An invitation was made to further the conversation regarding same sex marriage. Specifically from those who question it on a scriptural basis. I’ve thought about this all weekend. I’m reluctant to start because of one thing. It’s like when someone says about a person who gestures a lot when talking: “how do you silence that guy? By tying his hands.” Well, that is how I feel in that, I cannot contribute by saying “the scriptures say this” without actually quoting scripture and noting where it is from. The question is then, would this really be welcomed?

I think it’s safe to assume that all viewpoints are welcome here (so long as they are respectful and kind towards each other).

That said… I don’t know how useful quoting scriptures would be in this case. I think it’s a safe assumption that most people are familiar with some of the scriptures that many Christians, who oppose same-sex marriage (and other acts), use as the basis for those ideas. I mean… feel free to quote scripture (providing sources for ideas is always handy) but I don’t think that will likely get us anywhere considering the audience. :smile:

That said, if we want to get into laws regarding homosexual acts dating back to the Roman empire, Rabbinic (and pre-Rabbinic) law and and the like… I’m in. That’s a fascinating topic, in my opinion.

I think this thing against same sex marriage is silly, If same sex marriage isn’t allowed I don’t think it should be so engrained into our society, and I don’t think people who aren’t Christians should be able to get married, because if they don’t believe in God and this is a religious thing they simply shouldn’t be able to get married!

I think there should be a lawful marriage named something different replacing marriage, not this civil partnership but something more joyful, loveage? idk but this would replace marriage in the legal way, this means marriage wouldn’t work here, Marriage is showing your commitment to god, where as Loveage is showing your commitment to the government, law and family, etc this is the household, family, share tax and all that legal stuff!

Marriage would become nothing to those who aren’t religious, because Marriage would be the showing of your commitment to God, and wont affect anything else!

What this would mean overall is for those who aren’t religious and those who want a same sex marriage can have a Loveage and it would be amazing for them, it would mean as much as marriage would be today (unless they are religious same sex) etc and no one could say No because religion, then everyone could be happy (other then religious same sex, believe it or not a lot of Gay, Lesbian, and bi people are religious), Marriage would only be for straight religious couples and wouldn’t be close to as important as it is today!

I don’t understand the point in this argument in a religious way any ways, doesn’t it say in the bible “Don’t wear clothes made of more than one fabric” I don’t hear anyone screaming from roof tops about that, and everyone wears more then one fabric nowadays, and this one “Don’t cut your hair nor shave.” most people cut and shave themselves!

What I’m saying is why only enforce some rules from God and not the others?
It seems people only enforce rules that either won’t affect them, or will be a plus on there side…
IDK… IDK how I feel about this… because its kinda like open source, yeah have control of your OS, but games you’ll download them and not care about what they’re doing as long as you have fun playing, I’m the same…

You hear much that the Bible says… But hear not what it says (did that make a lick of sense??). On the subject at hand it says at 1 Corinthians 6:9 “Or do you not know that unrighteous people will not inherit God’s Kingdom? Do not be misled. Those who are sexually immoral, idolaters, adulterers, men who submit to homosexual acts, men who practice homosexuality, thieves, greedy people, drunkards, revilers, and extortioners will not inherit God’s Kingdom.”

This may be quoted by some for justification, but often they just pay attention to certain aspects and ignore what they want. But what is not mentioned is the next verse which says: “And yet that is what some of you were. But you have been washed clean; you have been sanctified; you have been declared righteous in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and with the spirit of our God.”

What is said is that some of the ones that this letter was written to use to practice some of the things mentioned as it says “And yet that is what some of you were.” What would motivate a person to not act on the desires that they feel? As in the case of homosexuality, do they just not feel that way anymore? There is no indication that ever happens, so the motivation? It was simply mentioned in the first verse, God’s Kingdom. Much of the woes man faces are self inflicted, the result of bad government.

The scriptures say that under that government (God’s Kingdom) there will be wonderful things in store for our planet. Such as:

End of war: Isaiah 2:4 “He will render judgment among the nations
And set matters straight respecting many peoples.
They will beat their swords into plowshares
And their spears into pruning shears.
Nation will not lift up sword against nation,
Nor will they learn war anymore”

End of sickness: Isaiah 33:24 “And no resident will say: “I am sick.”

Just a couple of examples of what will be accomplished. They also talk about the end of violence, ruining the earth, even the end of death. I bring this up because the scriptures have helped individuals with many things and has provided a hope for the future of mankind on the earth. James 4:8 invites people to “Draw close to God, and He will draw close to you.” Would anyone be inclined to draw close to someone if they felt beaten up like many use the scriptures for?

As to the argument of ‘civil rights’ and such, well… I’m not going to get into peoples faces insisting on one thing or another. I do my best to let the scriptures guide my life and I try to share the hope I have with others when I can AND if they WANT to listen. Free will is a wonderful thing.

Thank you for putting up with an old man.

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Was this directed at me specifically? :smile:

There is something that we, completely, agree on.

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So on the subject on gay marriage, possibly echoing slightly what @ChloeWolfieGirl said, but possibly a in more extreme manner.

Marriage in its original form is a (imo outmoded and slightly insulting) concept that people can’t be trusted and need to be forced under fear of God to not fornicate and to look after their children (that’s literately what is said in every service I’ve been to). I’d really rather the entire concept went away (although not concept of having a partner for life if you so wish).

So the opinion I’m groping after is that marriage as a religious thing is under the control of the religions in question, and if civil partnerships can be offered to hetro and homosexual couples and provide the same rights as marriage (and ideally remove the concept of religious marriage from law) isn’t this a better way to progress? I like my civil rights and all law as disconnected as possible from arbitrary belief systems.

Of course this doesn’t offer any pragmatic solutions… I just think it’s kind of interesting that we seem to have (for the most part) freed ourselves from the constraints of one set of conservative/traditional/outdated ideas/ideal but then are trying to push this back together with a different but similarly dated idea/concept.

On a separate note, enjoyable show as always. Wonder if I’ve got any Kale?

I’m not sure if I should post this here or in the other topic about Brendan Eich, but:


I like Andrew Sullivan opinion on the matter.

Totally agree; the guy made perfect sense on Colbert. :slight_smile:

I think you are taking a bit of a cynical view of marriage, even from the hardcore religious side. I don’t think marriage in the eyes of religious folks is a solution for people who can’t be trusted. I think they see it as the union between two people and the most defined declaration of love between two people. For those people, they want to cement that union in front of their god.

For none religious people, such as myself, I think we see marriage the same way as an unbreakable union between two people. The only difference is that we don’t feel we need to make that commitment in front of a god. Oh, and there is more drinking at our weddings too.

The challenge with this issue is, in technical terms, a namespace issue; “marriage” is used as a descriptor for this union, but to those who are religious and those who are not, the expectations of that are different. As I have said before, neither side is right and neither side is wrong; different strokes for different folks.

Civil unions are a great legal solution but I don’t want a legal solution when marrying my lifelong partner. I want a marriage.

Thanks! It was a fun episode, loved doing The Weakest Geek. As for kale, that is one vegetable that will never get married…because no one loves it.

WHOOOOOOAH there, big bacon.

You obviously have never been to a proper Jewish wedding. Things my wedding had:

  1. Crazy amounts of drinking (including a signature cocktail we created ourselves for the event to start things off).
  2. Huge, animatronic dinosaurs for our receiving line.
  3. A planetarium.
  4. More drinking.
  5. A kickin’ lounge style cover band.
  6. Dinosaur statues dressed up like a bride and groom.
  7. Still drinking.
  8. A custom made kilt for me with a tartan I designed and registered for our new family name.
  9. Also drinking.

So… two problems with your statement.

A) Drinking at a Jewish wedding > Drinking at an Atheist wedding.
2) Dinosaurs.

drops mic

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